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Pokemon Midnight Blue is the new fourm based Pokemon RPG.

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RPG - Rules

Note: These rules are subject to change at any time without any notice perior.

    Spam is not tolerated, this includes hurtful or serious trolling. Please use common sense when talking to other players, if you start swearing you will be banned for 1 day. Asking for personal or contact information of any kind is also strictly prohibited. Massive use of caps can also be considered as swearing and / or spamming.

    Threatening another user severely or using seriously offensive language may cause an ingame ban instead of just a chat/forum ban.

    Unsolicited spamming of other games or websites via messaging/etc is prohibited.

    Exploitation of any bugs or holes in game mechanics will not be tolerated. We will use our discretion as to what we feel is cheating and we will take immediate action against the accounts we feel are violating the rules.

    Cheating, macroing, abusing glitches constantly or scamming other players will result in an immediate ban.

    The use of racism or sexually explicit material(full nudity) in your player name, signature, and clan banner is prohibited.

    You may not give, recieve, buy or sell accounts and you must not sell in-game forms of virtual property for real money.

    Under no circumstances does donating for our game make you above the rules. We appreciate all of the support and purchases; however, we wish to create a fair environment to play in and will take action where it is needed.

    You may not sell clan membership for pokemon or any other in game currency/item.

    Reporting someone is done through a PM, not posting and causing a racket in the forums.

    You may not rig a contest, i.e. don't plan the winner before you even make your contest.

    Everytime a new promo comes up, or a special event (i.e. Halloween Event), you may only obtain up to two of a certain promo, per household.

    Creating mass amounts of accounts for the sole purpose of obtaining more than two promos or reaping the benefits of dailies (Lucky Dip, Daily Raffle) is also prohibited.

    Trading your own pokemon/money for another game is prohibited, any found done so will be banned immediately.

    Common sense, if you can't determine the difference between what is ok, and what is not, you should consider not interacting with other people until you can.

    Accusing someone for anything without knowing this for certain or without genuine proof is against the rules, however reporting this to staff members privately through a PM is perfectly fine.

    And finally, be a nice person. :D

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